Career Lattices

You should view your career as something that is fluid.  Just a generation or so ago, it was common for workers to stay with a company throughout their entire career.  That trend has changed drastically.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics someone your age is likely to have somewhere between twelve and fifteen different jobs in your lifetime.

Today’s young people are headed into uncharted territories—as this is the first time in our history that you must always be prepared to make sudden and swift career shifts.  The best way that you can prepare yourself is to focus on the development of your transferable skills.

Every company has processes and procedures that are unique.  These processes and procedures lead to skill development, through the experiences of completing various tasks.  Your experiences and your soft skills are portable, meaning that they can follow you from company to company and from job to job.

CareerOneStop offers several examples of career lattices for you to look at.  Choose the one that is the most interesting to you.  By clicking on each one of the links you will see a description about the job.

Assignment:  In this section you will be creating an informational brochure about the career lattice of your choice using either Microsoft Publisher, or the following  template from Xerox.  By downloading the template you can create a brochure using word.  Your Brochure should start with a front cover that identifies the lattice and displays an appropriate graphic.  Next start with a description of the entry level position in this field.  You will need to select at least two other positions that you can aspire to.

Keep in mind that a brochure has a front and a back.

Please leave the center page on the back of the brochure blank except for a text box that says :Created By:  Your Name.

When creating a brochure it is important to balance text and graphics with white space (Space that is unused).  Also make sure that your text is big enough so that it is easy for the reader to see it.   DO NOT COPY AND PASTE INFORMATION DIRECTLY FROM THE WEBSITE.

For this assignment you will be scored as follows:


Your Assignment was submitted on   time 20 points
You have submitted a brochure   layout 5 points
You use the same font   throughout 5 points
You use the bold feature for   titles 5 points
There is   content on the front and back of the brochure 5 points
You have included an   appropriate title 5 points
You have   included an appropriate graphic for the cover 5 points
You have chosen three   different jobs 15 points
You have   included a summary of the job description, education, salary, work experience,   and outlook for each one 30 points
Created   by and your name is the only thing on the back center panel 5 points
TOTAL 100 points



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  2. You can look at a number of career lattice examples on CareerOneStop. Pick the option that interests you the most. waffle game You can view a job description by clicking on any of the links.

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