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Department of Architecture students earn AIA, ARCC accolades

The University of Memphis Department of Architecture recently honored two students with medals from the American Institute of Architects and the Architecture Research Centers Consortium.  Both students earned the professional Master of Architecture degree in May 2020.

Jeevan Thapa was announced as the 2020 recipient of the American Institute of Architects Henry Adams Medal + Certificate, an award that recognizes outstanding academics in accredited architecture schools and is presented in partnership with AIA Memphis.

“I feel extremely honored for this recognition and would like to express my sincere thanks to the Department of Architecture and everyone who has been part of this journey,” Thapa said.

In addition, Mario Oliver was announced as the 2020 recipient of the Architecture Research Centers Consortium Jonathan King Medal, an award that recognizes outstanding student research in architecture and environmental design.

Thapa and Oliver will be recognized at the postponed Annual Architecture Awards Gala when it is held at a future date to be determined.
Past Recipients of the AIA Medal
2019 Andrea Jiménez Carrión (Medal + Certificate)
2018 Sonia Raheel (Medal + Certificate)
2017 Priyanka Kinikar (Medal + Certificate)
2016 George Burns (Medal + Certificate)
2016 Jeremy Dollar (Certificate)
2015 Megan Hoover (Medal + Certificate)
2015 Rose Pereira (Certificate)
2014 Matt Sihvonen (Medal + Certificate)
2014 Linda Šuhajdová (Certificate)
2013 Robert Paulus (Medal + Certificate)
2013 Ted Risch (Medal + Certificate)
Past Recipients ARCC Medal
2019 Kate Whitaker (M.Arch, Second Year)
2018 Antonio Tirado (M.Arch, Second Year)
2017 Priyanka Kinikar (M.Arch, Second Year)
2016 No Award Given
2015 Megan Hoover (M.Arch, Second Year)
2014 Megan Hoover (M.Arch, First Year)
2013 Robert Paulus (M.Arch, Second Year)
2012 Mario Walker (M.Arch, Second Year)
2011 Jennifer Barker (M.Arch, Second Year)
2010 Pam Hurley (M.Arch, Second Year)
2009 Mary Carroll (BFA Arch, Fourth Year)
2008 Alžběta Bowden (BFA Arch, Fourth Year)
2007 Mario Walker (BFA Arch, Fourth Year)
2006 Jennifer Clark  (BFA Arch, Fourth Year)
2005 Chris Qualls  (BFA Arch, Fourth Year)
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