UofM Musician Kelsey Taylor releases music video for “The Frost”

Memphis-based singer/songwriter, Kelsey Taylor, has been refining her original musical style for the last 3 years.  Growing up as a classical pianist, she developed an appreciation for the intricacy and beauty of music at an early age; she began writing in 2019, and has since released an EP (Silencer, 2020) and 3 more singles.  Her music is steeped in poetry and storytelling, and she strives to create music that listeners can hear themselves in.

Kelsey has spent the last several months working on her first full-length album, a concept work about how we cope with loss and isolation.  Pulling inspiration from the poems of T.S. Eliot and musical influences from folk, rock, indie, and classical genres, “The Frost” is a compelling piece rooted in universal human experiences. Kelsey and her band have worked to create an acoustic, live version of the album, recorded in Memphis’ iconic Annesdale Mansion. The video for “The Frost” premiered this past weekend on YouTube.

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