Transition from Zoom to Teams

Students, Faculty, and Staff,

In March 2020, ITS promptly implemented and introduced the widely recognized collaboration software Zoom to address the urgent need for a virtual meeting platform for academics and administration. Over time, Microsoft has made substantial investments in advancing their online collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. Following a thorough examination of budgets and feature comparisons between the two platforms, we will capitalize on our longstanding partnership with Microsoft and adopt the collaboration tool integrated into our software agreement, Microsoft Teams. Effective August 12, 2024, we will discontinue the use of Zoom. We are confident that Microsoft Teams has reached a sufficient level of evolution to serve as our primary collaboration and virtual meeting platform.

Key Details:

  1. Transition Timeframe | All virtual meetings and collaborative efforts will be conducted through Microsoft Teams effective August 12, 2024.
  2. Training | To ensure a seamless transition, we will be offering training sessions on effective Microsoft Teams usage. Session details are available on the UM3D training site, where you can also schedule your training.
  3. Support Resources | Documentation and resources to help you become familiar with Microsoft Teams can be found on the Microsoft Teams website. For questions, you can contact the ITS Service Desk via email at or call 901.678.8888. You may also ask your local LSP any questions you may have.
  4. Feedback | Your feedback is important to us. If you have suggestions or concerns during this transition, please share those with us by submitting them to the ITS Suggestion Box.

We recognize that embracing change can present challenges, yet we are confident that Microsoft Teams will deliver the collaboration features required and enhance our overall communication experience.

Karen Bell
Interim CIO
Information Technology Services