Anzhelika (Angela) Antipova

Anzhelika Antipova

Angela Antipova is an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Memphis, where she teaches quantitative methods, spatial statistics, transportation planning, urban geography, economic geography, and cultural geography in the Department of Earth Sciences. She is interested in understanding spatial processes in urban environments including various aspects of urban, health, and transportation issues focusing on race, life quality, and social injustice problems in Shelby County, Tennessee. She addresses disparities in maternal health, travel behavior, employment patterns, and other life aspects, which are preventable and avoidable, focusing on vulnerable populations including minorities and lower-income workers.

Her interest in studying life quality through health, material well-being, and job security in Memphis led to her current research on social disadvantage and COVID-related outcomes in Tennessee as she studies the impact of a multi-dimensional social disadvantage on COVID-related health issues (morbidity and mortality) and unemployment rates in local communities. Applying the methodology she developed, she identifies places with high social disadvantages due to a concentration of factors documented to relate to COVID-19 epidemiological, virus transmission, and overall well-being vulnerability to identify “high-priority areas” and support priority-based local actions that might be relevant to future humanitarian and health crises. She uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool and applies spatial statistics methods in her research. She has expertise in web mapping using the ArcGIS Online platform and has been monitoring and creating web maps of the spread of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in counties in TN since March 14, 2020, using data reported by the Tennessee Department of Health.

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