Academic Research Fellows

In our aim at becoming one of the top-ranked research institutes in the nation, the Benjamin L. Hooks Institute for Social Change created the Hooks Academic Research Fellows. Serving for two years, Fellows assist the Hooks Institute not only in fulfilling its mission of teaching, studying, and promoting civil rights and social change but also in becoming a premier center for scholars working on race and social justice scholarship. Our goal is to build a network of scholars that will give anyone visiting the Institute’s website a more accurate sense of our work and partnerships.

Below are the Fellows:

Angela Antipova (University of Memphis)

AnneMarie Mingo (Penn State University)

Annette Madlock (Independent Scholar)

Cerise L. Glenn (University of North Carolina-Greensboro)

Christopher A. House (Ithaca College)

Courtnee Melton-Fant (University of Memphis)

Courtney N. Wright (University of Tennessee)

Don Rodrigues (University of Memphis)

Earle J. Fisher (Independent Scholar)

Edith Gnanadass (University of Memphis)

Elizabeth M. Gillespie (University of Memphis)

Jennifer Turchi (University of Memphis)

Kami Anderson (Bilingual Brown Babies)

Kathy Lou Shultz (University of Memphis)

Kiesha Warren-Gordon (Ball State University)

Kimberly P. Johnson (Tennessee State University)

Le’Trice Donaldson (University of Wisconsin-Stout)

Liz Lane (University of Memphis)

Melodie J. Rodgers (SOREN LIT)

Michael Brandon McCormack (University of Louisville)

Paige Pirkey (University of Memphis)

Rita Green (University of Memphis)

Sandra Cooley-Nichols (University of Memphis)

Shameka Hamlin-Palmer (University of Memphis)

Sonya Ramsey (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)

SunAh M. Laybourn (University of Memphis)

Wallis C. Baxter III (Gettysburg College)