UM3D GOLD Resources

The Guide for Online Developers is designed to assist you in the design and development of online instruction. These sessions are for faculty who are developing online courses. For dates and registration, contact us at

Topic Overview Recommended Technology
Understanding Your Learners Design your course to meet the needs of your online students.

In this session you will develop a pre-assessment to measure the prior knowledge and skills of your students and a plan for utilizing this information in the design and development of your online course.

Qualtrics surveys or eCw Quizzes
Planning an Online Course Develop meaningful, measurable learning opportunities for online students.

In this session, you will create create a course plan, which includes the course objectives, an outline of instruction and online course
resources, and a description of assessments.

Launching Your Online Course Provide online students the tools and information needed to begin your course successfully.

In this session, you will set up your gradebook, dropbox, and discussion board. You will also develop the home page of your course and a Getting Started module to inform and equip students for your course.

eCw Gradebook, eCw Dropbox, eCw Homepage/News
Developing Online Instruction Provide accessible, easy-to-navigate instruction in your course.

In this session, we will discuss basic multimedia design principles, accessibility standards, and best practices for organizing a unit of instruction. At the conclusion of this session, you will have developed a complete instructional unit.

eCw File Creator and Editor, Mediasite, Ensemble
Preparing for Course Delivery Provide future instructors a toolkit to successfully teach online.

In this session, we will discuss resources you should provide instructors of the course you are developing. You will develop and prepare an instructor’s toolkit to include in the course you are developing.

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