The UM3D GOLD (Guide for Online Developers) program is designed to assist online course developers with completing the process of developing quality online courses for University of Memphis fully online degree programs. The program is designed to fit into your schedule with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous activities structured to keep course development on track.


At the end of the program, developers will have:

  • Created a course plan for developing a specific course for online delivery.
  • Produced a M50 section of the course using Desire2Learn (eCourseware).
  • Developed a course aligned to the GOLD course review checklist.
  • Delivered a fully online course that encompasses best practices for online learning.

STEP 1. Online Program Proposal

Complete the Online Program Proposal. Submit the completed and signed form to

Questions?: If you need an explanation of the UofM Global Program Proposal form, contact UM3D at

STEP 2. Memo of Understanding

After receipt of a completed Online Program Proposal, a UM3D representative will communicate with the department to schedule an Online Program Discussion Meeting. In the meeting, UM3D will discuss your online program and a Memo of Understanding (MOU) will be drafted that includes the courses to be developed, the designation of the program coordinator and the incentives available to your department. Once the terms of the MOU have been agreed upon and signed by all parties, course development will begin.

STEP 3. Online Course Proposal

Once the department has determined the semester in which course development will begin, faculty designated to develop courses for the program will submit an electronic copy (with scanned signatures) of (1) the Online Course Proposal form, (2) a copy of the course syllabus, and (3) a copy of the course competencies and objectives to This will need to be completed for every course included in the MOU.

Notes: The course development process can take 4-16 weeks to complete. Course proposals submitted for delivery in a subsequent semester will need be initiated 5 weeks prior to the Registrar’s Registration Calendar dates to ensure courses are available for scheduling.

STEP 4. Online Course Planning and Development

After the submission of an Online Course Proposal, course developers will be invited to an initial course planning session and assigned an instructional designer. At this time, course developers will work with their UM3D liaison to begin planning the course, negotiating deadlines for development and discuss available resources. After the initial course planning session, developers are then encouraged to begin the course development process and submit the course for approval. The Course Review Checklist will be used to ensure the course has met all criteria.

Notes: The course planning and development process will include several customizable steps: (1) Course Planning- developers are encouraged to complete the Course Planning Worksheet prior to the initial course planning session; (2) Initial Course Review- developers are encouraged to develop the course orientation module and one instructional module for review; (3) Course Review- after the development is complete, course developers and their UM3D liaison will discuss potential edits.

STEP 5. Online Course Approval and Scheduling

Once the course has been approved, it must then be submitted for scheduling as a new M50 course. To schedule your course, the department’s Business Officer will download and complete the FOAPAL form and submit it to the UM3D liaison assigned to the course development team.

STEP 6. Development Incentives

Once the course is approved and scheduled, course developers should complete the Work for Hire form (part-time/adjunct faculty) or Copyright Contract (full-time faculty) and email the scanned copy of the completed form to The UM3D liaison will begin the process of processing a departmental transfer of funds for development (for any funded courses).

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