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We know you may have other questions or need a little help. If you would like to contact us, here’s how!

Instructional Support

Contact the UM3D Instructional Impact Team to:

  • Design and develop a new fully online degree program.
  • Design and develop new online courses for a new fully online degree program (includes: major core, electives, and general education courses). This includes the creation of course master shells.
  • Schedule new online courses for a fully online degree program.
  • Consult with instructional designers on course and curriculum design, development and delivery.
  • Consult with instructional designers on best practices for technology integration in the online, hybrid, and blended classroom and many other instructional help…

Phone: 901.678.2783

Technical Support

Contact the ITS Trainers in the Center for Teaching and Learning to:

  • Schedule technology training and/or accessibility training
  • Inquire about technology support for instructional tools.
  • Inquire about enterprise services such as: eCourseware, Bluejeans, and Ensemble.
  • Create master shells for additional online courses for existing online and hybrid programs. (Note: If you are developing a new online program, the UM3D will assist in the creation of master shells for online courses.)

Phone: 901.678.8888

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