D2L Intelligent Agents Tool

The Desire2Learn (eCourseware) Intelligent Agents tool allows instructors to set up automatic notifications to be sent to themselves, advisors, and learners when specified course performance criteria are met. It can be used to both recognize student achievement (e.g., a high score on a quiz) and warn of potential problems (e.g., lack of online course access or poor performance on an assessment).

A brief video explaining the topics listed can be found here.

For access to step by step instructions created for users interested in the eCourseware Intelligent Agents Tool, click here.

Enhancing Instruction With Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a reasonably priced and feature-rich presentation application. Educators can use this app to create technology enhanced lecture captures, tutorials and whiteboard activities all from the convenient use of an iPad. Known for its simplistic design and complex capabilities, educators and learners can design presentations, incorporate screen-casting, and utilize the interactive whiteboard tool to annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost any content to and from almost anywhere.


Use the Explain Everything app to present information to students in a visually engaging way. Educators can use it to create and publish interactive multimedia lessons and assessments for students. Use Explain Everything as a tool to maximize instructional time by providing students with differentiated, self-paced lessons that feature a pause button. Lessons can be published , shared, and made available to students via the web.


It can also be used by students as a means to demonstrate and apply higher order thinking skills and extend the learning process. It can be used as a note-taking tool that can be annotated and illustrated, helping students construct knowledge as they dig deeper into concepts and ideas presented.

Want to get started using Explain Everything?

Explain Everything is available here in the App Store priced at $2.99.

Access the Explain Everything User Manual here free of cost.

Visualize Data with Google’s Fusion Tables

Fusion Tables is a cloud based data visualization application sponsored by Google to gather, visualize and share data tables. The focus of the application is on fusing data management and collaboration: merging multiple data sources, discussion of the data, querying, visualization, and Web publishing. The tool can be used to transform data sets into charts, graphs, scatter plots, timelines and geographical maps.

Click here to see how the Wall Street Journal used Google’s Fusion Tables application to create an interactive data map!

Click here to get started using Fusion Tables.

Easy-to-Use Infographic Tools for eLearning

Interested in creating infographics for your courses or incorporating them as a learning tool? See the following free tools that enable you and your students to easily create professional-looking infographics online.


Launched in 2012, Easel.ly has quickly become the go-to site for users to create eye-catching, informative, and fun graphics on the web. Traditionally, making infographics in order to share things like statistics, lesson plans, and business presentations took time, money, and graphic design skills, but Easel.ly has made it possible for anyone to design their own custom infographic in minutes. The best part? It’s free.


Use visual stories to engage your web audience. We are also known as an app for infographics.


Infogram is the data visualization product that brings out the best in your data. Our infographics and charts are quick to use, fast to share, and easy on eye. Our customers range from small businesses to global media organizations, and we’ve been awarded multiple times during our short but fast-paced history.


Create beautiful infographics, reports, or data visualizations.
Thousands of ways to customize, infinite possibilities.