UM3D Presents at OLC Accelerate 2017

Orlando, Florida

November 15-17, 2017

Theme: Accelerating Online Learning Worldwide

OLC Accelerate is an international conference devoted to driving quality online learning, advancing best practice guidance and accelerating innovation in learning for academic leaders, educators, administrators, online learning professionals and organizations around the world. The conference hosts outstanding keynote speakers, expanded programs, and engaging workshops. Attendees are given an opportunity to interact with experts in new and emerging eLearning technologies and topics, reinforcing why online educators worldwide affirm that OLC Accelerate is the premiere conference for online learning professionals. Our team presented the following presentations:

Are Your Students Ready To Learn Online? Strategies For Facilitating Online Learning Readiness At Your Institution

This workshop shares best practices and tools for developing an online readiness assessment tool. Facilitators from the University of Memphis will share strategies for curating resources and will discuss assessments that may be used to determine how to best prepare students to learn online. Participants will take the role of instructional designer to analyze and develop an assessment module.

Reaching All Learners Through Universal Design For Learning (UDL)

In this session, we will discuss how our campus has implemented professional development solutions to: (a) distribute knowledge about instructional accessibility, (b) increase faculty engagement in discussions about Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and (c) facilitate online course design congruent with the UDL principles of engagement, representation, and expression.

Online Student Success Initiative (OSSI): Increasing Student Success And Engagement Through Embedded Online Services

In this session, we will discuss how the University of Memphis has has addressed the enhancement of student course success, program retention, and timely graduation rates through our Online Student Success Initiative (OSSI). Results will also be discussed including faculty and student evaluations and the impact of OSSI on student success.

Mapping The Online Student Experience: Strategies For Managing The Online Student Lifecycle From Lead Generation To Graduation

This workshop shares best practices and tools for developing a comprehensive support plan for fully online students. Facilitators will share strategies for supporting prospective and current online students. Participants will receive tips for managing online student success from lead generation to graduation.

Enhancing Online Program Quality Assurance

Participants will identify an action plan to enhance the quality assurance (QA) of their own institutional online programs via a SWOT analysis rubric. In the process, they will acquire the skill of adapting to their own campus a three-phase online program lifecycle, centered on program selection, implementation, and evaluation.


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