UofM Faculty Awarded Six Course Revitalization Grants

Dear Colleagues:

It gives me great pleasure to announce some very good news for the University–and to brag a bit on our tremendous faculty.

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) announced last Friday that the University of Memphis has been awarded six TBR Course Revitalization Grants.  Winning proposals were submitted by teams of UofM faculty in math, science, and foreign languages.  The purpose of the grant program is to support course redesign in courses with high enrollments and relatively low success rates.  Fifty-six awards were made in the statewide competition. 

By focusing on key courses, these course redesign initiatives will bolster the University’s ongoing efforts to emphasize learning outcomes, improve retention, and boost graduation rates.   Our outstanding faculty are to be congratulated for seizing this opportunity and taking leadership roles in improving educational outcomes for our students.

The winning teams are:

Biology 1110, General Biology I

Barbara Taller (Team Lead), Judy Cole, and Alka Sharma

 Biology 1120, General Biology II

Mel Beck (Team Lead), David Freeman, and Anna Bess Sorin

 Math 1530, Probability/Statistics/Non Calculus

Dale Bowman (Team Lead) and Manohar Aggarwal

 Math 1710, College Algebra

Annita Davis (Team Lead) and Misty Freeman

 Math 1910, Calculus I

James Campbell (Team Lead) and James Jamison

 Spanish 1010, Elementary Spanish I

Inmaculada Gomez Soler (Team Lead), Adoracion Berry, and Jennifer Johnston

 Thank you for your passionate commitment to our students and the University.  Your efforts to meet our challenges in a thoughtful and strategic way will reap great benefits.

 Go Tigers!

 M.  David Rudd, Provost

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