Applications to the University of Memphis on the Rise

Dear Colleagues:

As many of you are aware, we’ve made a concerted effort to increase enrollment, improve retention, and sharpen recruitment efforts over the past nine months.  I’m pleased to report signs of success, actually in record numbers. Our total undergraduate applications stand at 9,703 (9,325 on main campus and 378 on the Lambuth campus).  The actual application activity reports are linked below for your convenience.  Freshman applications are up 85%, with out-of-state freshman applications up a remarkable 229%.  I continue to be impressed that in-state freshman applications are increasing, up 51%. Transfer applications are up 24%, and total applications are up 75%.   Given the volume, we’re still processing applications.  Freshman admissions are up 23%, transfer admissions are up 22% and total admissions are up 23%. 

 Activity for the Lambuth campus continues to be the strongest we’ve seen since taking on the campus; clearly we’re getting some traction and making progress.  With respect to freshman applications, we’re up 179%, with out-of-state applications targeting Lambuth up an amazing eightfold.  The fact that we’re getting out of state activity specific to Lambuth is great to see and critical to progress on that campus.  Total applications (including transfers) are up 116%.  Freshman admissions are up 50%, with total admissions (including transfers) up 52%.  The early and strong trends continue. 

 Please join me in thanking all those involved, in particular vice-provost Betty Huff and director of admissions Steve McKellips, among a host of others. 

 Link to application reports:

 Go Tigers!

 M. David Rudd, Provost


One thought on “Applications to the University of Memphis on the Rise

  1. Dear Provost Rudd,

    One ought to pause to praise when praise is due, not simply criticize when criticism is due. So I shall.

    I want to thank you for the concerted efforts you have made to address the financial challenges of our university. First, this new information about the success of new initiatives for recruitment and retention is great news! Congratulations to you and all involved. Second, in light of my specific concerns around research, which I voiced on this blog last Fall, I want to acknowledge your sustained efforts to keep research a primary focus in your strategies. Your recent announcement of the elevation of Andy Meyers to a more centralized position was welcome news, in part simply for what it symbolized. Finally, I want to thank you for keeping the whole university in the loop on developments just like these. I very much appreciate the ongoing updates and effort to keep faculty, staff, and students informed.

    Yours sincerely,
    Remy Debes
    Associate Professor, Philosophy

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