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Update on Review of Library Report

At my request, the Redefining the Library Committee was established to propose a plan for the future direction of the Libraries.  The committee has fulfilled their charge, developed a report with recommendations, and solicited response(s) to the report via a survey sent to Library faculty and staff and Information Technology Services (ITS) staff.  The Library Policies Committee of the Faculty Senate is currently reviewing this report and will present their feedback to Provost Weddle-West and me by the end of 2014 Fall Semester.  Let me express my gratitude to Dr. Green and the Faculty Senate committee for taking on this important task.  Let me assure all that we are committed to a strong, healthy and effective library, one that advances both our educational and research missions.

The feedback from the Faculty Senate committee will become part of the documentation that will be considered as we chart the future direction of the library and information services on campus.  It is anticipated that a decision will be communicated to the university community by mid-January, 2015. At that time, planning for implementation will begin.  Both faculty and staff will have significant engagement in both the planning and implementation processes as we move ahead.

I appreciate your patience throughout this process.  These are complex issues with significant impact for UofM, and we value the work done to assist in the understanding of our options and opportunities.  No changes have been implemented to date.  We will await direction from the committee first.

We look forward to charting a path that reflects the best practices for the libraries and information services.  I am very much committed to the library being the heart of intellectual activity and collaborative learning on campus and our future will certainly reflect that commitment in concrete fashion.


M. David Rudd, President

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