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The University of Memphis ranked among the top twenty Collegiate Readership Programs by USA TODAY

University of Memphis students should be proud of their 14TH place ranking as one of the Top 20 Programs in USA Today’s Collegiate Readership Program.

According to statistics provided by USA Today, U of M students have been reading an average of almost 1,200 newspapers per day, totaling 141,669 for the latest academic year. USA Today coordinates all aspects of The Collegiate Readership Program, and all participating newspapers are delivered to displays located in residence halls or other campus locations each morning. A recycling program collects unused copies. The Collegiate Readership Program (CRP), originally created at Penn State University more than a decade ago, currently reaches nearly 500 colleges and universities. Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham, Vice President for Student Affairs, credits former SGA Presidents Hunter Lang and Tyler Dewitt with lobbying for the program to be here in 2011.

The readership program provides students with daily (Monday through Friday) issues of USA Today, The New York Times, The Commercial Appeal and The Jackson Sun (available on the Lambuth campus). Distribution points can be found throughout the main campus and at Lambuth.

The level of knowledge and interest in what is happening around the world is heightened by daily access to a variety of newspapers.  The program presents great opportunities for the University of Memphis to foster dialogue and debate, encourage interest in national and global matters, and develop critical thinking skills. Students have quickly embraced the program as one of the real benefits of studying on our campus, says Dr. Rosie Phillips Bingham, adding, “I love that our students want to be well informed citizens of the world.” Its success is to be applauded and it is great to know that we are placing fourteenth among nearly five hundred programs in national readership.

Go Tigers!

M. David Rudd, President

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