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Summer reading

Faculty, Students and Staff:

You have recently received email from Dr. Shannon Blanton, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs, sharing our inaugural volume of QuaesitUM, the new undergraduate research journal of the University of Memphis--fresh off the press.  An electronic version is available as well:

 I want to encourage you to have a look and this issue, and to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of these young scholars. The seven articles showcase peer reviewed undergraduate research from all disciplines. Editor-in-Chief Dr. Sage Lambert Graham writes in the preface to QuaesitUM, “Our vision was to include rigorous research that provides something new– a new perspective, a new experimental design, a new tested result. This is the heart of scholarship – asking new questions. Thus, the name of the journal – QuaesitUM: to seek or to ask. This volume of selected undergraduate research papers is the embodiment of what we would like the University of Memphis to represent – quality scholarly work that emerges from asking questions and exploring new perspectives.”


Dr. Blanton’s Letter published in the first issue reminds us of the importance of what this new publication represents: “As one of America’s great metropolitan research universities, the University of Memphis is strongly committed to integrating research into our undergraduate students’ academic experience. For undergraduate students, the research process enables a deeper investigation of questions of keen interest; on a more personal level, it also facilitates collaboration between students and faculty.”

Please allow this to be part of your summer reading and share the pride in our students’ accomplishments so persuasively on display in the first issue of QuaesitUM.

Go Tigers!

M. David Rudd, President

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