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I received my PhD from the Department of Political Science at The University of Mississippi in July 2012. My primary field is International Relations and my secondary field is American Government, with a specialization in methodology.

My dissertation, The Political Implications of Natural Disasters, examines the effects of events like droughts and floods and the variation of state responses to them. In Spring 2012, I received a dissertation fellowship award through the university Graduate School. Presently I am working on several projects related to the political consequences of natural disasters, as well as political linguistics.

As an undergraduate I studied at Georgetown University. I have taught high school, worked for a nonprofit, taught yoga and earned a Master’s degree (The University of Memphis), and PhD in Political Science (Ole Miss). Presently I am an Instructor of Political Science at The University of Memphis and a Faculty Affiliate at the Institute for Intelligent Systems.

My non-academic interests include yoga, hiking, playing ukulele in my band Stereo Alley, and spending time with my cats and husband.

Breakfast at Brennan’s, NOLA

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