Update on ITS Organizational Structure

As we discussed today (11/12/13), you will find below two documents:

  • The conceptual model for ITS – the way we do business, effective today


  • The simplified traditional organizational chart – the core teams for leave requests and approvals, performance management, and other administrative tasks, effective today


Open positions will be posted within the next couple of days — please review them and apply for any in which you are interested.

Robert and Sue will meet with groups and individuals on an on-going basis to make the new model operational.  As soon as the leadership team has its full complement of members, more detailed alignments of staff and duties will be developed.

As you consider your role in the new ITS, please begin to develop your performance goals and objectives in light of the new model.  Remember that your performance plan must include at least one measurable customer service goal, and at least one measurable team/group goal.

As Robert, Sue and I all said this morning, we have confidence in your skills and your commitment to UoM, and look forward to working with you on all of the initiatives, functions, and services in which ITS is engaged.


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