MacBook new release April 2016

What’s in the box:

The MacBook, a 2 meter charging cable and 29w USB-C power adapter


USB-C port with support for: (not every client needs all these cables, especially as individual items, that were listed in post below)

The MacBook 2016 has the THUNDERBOLT 2 port; all that really would be needed should one want to be “that person” connecting every device in the known universe would be the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. I’ve got one (bought a mid-range brand cuz I know someone in my house will lose it) MOST of these adapters have a “pass thru” for CHARGING so you CAN charge the laptop and your phone, or access a USB key, etc. USB to Ethernet is possible as well, for those like me who detest crawling at a glacial pace on wireless. Cedric turned me on to the item #202023 from (purchased it at I’m surprised they included an audio port…Bluetooth audio rocks my world and 99% of the time I completely forget I have earbuds in and I can promise you I would yank that off the desk in a heartbeat.


AT 2 pounds with a meager 12 inch display I wouldn’t want it as my primary workstation without a larger display. I tinkered with one at the store; the keyboard is tight, as to be expected in a small model. The keys did feel WAY more responsive (probably due to their new design) As to the camera this isn’t designed to shoot Ken Burns epic documentaries. (But I CAN highly recommend the GoPro Hero4 for epic adventures, and I’m just now experimenting with the GoPro session)


The force touch track pad was a nightmare for me when I had the Bluetooth magic trackpad for my iMac. Maybe I just never got the hang of it…same with the one on this model. Maybe with a bit of practice it would become more intuitive. Those with iPhone 6S should ease into it nicely.

Podcasting: It’s so much fun!

My son has been podcasting for about 3 years now (he’s 14) and so I thought I’d give it a go. Last year I threw about 9 podcasts’ out for the general use and abuse of my clients. The feedback was mixed. I spent a bit of time watching my son, and realized I wasn’t having fun. SO this year I am going to mix it up a bit, having fun while relaying news and instructions and such that you need even if you think you don’t need it!

I’ve also subscribed to some pretty awesome podcasts. Alec Baldwin has a really interesting podcast series called “Here’s The Thing” mainly focused on fine arts. Interviews with the likes of Elaine Stritch, Peter Frampton, David Letterman, Patti LuPone. I’m also enjoying “Stuff You Missed in History Class”.

My podcast is in iTunesU, a channel just for education. To gain access shoot me an email


All I want for the holidays (ok Christmas)

I tried to be “correct” and say holidays but let’s face it I’m a christmas kind of gal. I could say world peace or end to world hunger. But I am way to self centered to pick that…if I could pick, I’d like one day with my girlie Sandy, who passed away in June. But that ain’t rolling so I’m gonna say I’d like a new hat. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my beaver hat that Susan Taylor hand made for me…but, it doesn’t really go with my Tiger blues.

Top Picks for Christmas you should consider gifting to others

Western Digital Passport (1 TB minimum)

livescribe ECHO smartpen

A decent stylus for the iPad user

A beaver hat handmade by Susan Taylor

Mophie back up power for iPhone users

This year my family and I will continue our tradition of delivering meals to those in need. If you want to join us leave me a comment below or email me at

Save the receipt!

Ok so your mom and/or dad/brother/uncle/godparent/best friend got you some lame gift and you were polite enough to smile and pretend you were thrilled. Good for you! Kudos! You passed the test of being a good kid! Now, if they saved the receipt and were savvy enough to tuck it into the gift box set it all aside and ponder what you will really want to spend that money on. If they didn’t save the receipt maybe you can puzzle out where it came from and get a refund.

Now, don’t run all willy nilly and buy some junk you will be high on for a few days/weeks then have buyers remorse in 5 weeks when you need to spend money on a new gadget for coursework. No, I don’t mean a boring gadget you MUST buy for coursework but a new cool fun gadget that will SUPPLEMENT your existing “learning toolbox”.

Speaking of…what IS in your “learning toolbox”? I’d like to know…

Slap a comment below…


Exam time is almost upon us…well you…

Ok, so you now realize you skipped too many classes or took horrible notes in handwriting that could only belong to a cereal killer…Special K anyone? (I know it is serial killer DUH). Don’t delay login to and pray to whatever it is you pray to that your instructor was thoughtful enough to put SOMETHING out there that will save your tail. Another option is to find someone in your class whose handwriting you can actually read and beg them or pay them for their notes. If you need help downloading a podcast or getting documents etc from ecourseware contact me ASAP!  I’m here for ya!

Back to school! It’s almost here!

I suspect my first suggestion will shock and awe many readers, especially given the premise of this blog. My first suggestion is that everyone put their smartphones in their purse/pocket/sock, wherever and ignore it for the first 2 weeks of school. Unless you have a critically ill close relative (alcoholic second cousin twice removed Bubba does not count) I’m fairly certain you will manage. Alert your mothers(s) and the guy/girl you aren’t really going to marry ahead of time that you won’t be available between 8 AM and 3 PM. This will relieve Police Services of being inundated with frantic calls and their having to go look for you only to find you sitting quietly in class taking copious notes.

Why, you may be asking, is this my first suggestion to start off the new semester? Ah, look around.  See the many new faces? The freshly mowed lawn? Perhaps you’ve also noticed a quiet seating area under a tree where you might wish to pause and thought your thoughts. Step into to University Center and have a refreshing snack. Listen to the laughter, feel the vibration of the activity, the life around you. Wander over to the fountain…there…aren’t you very tempted to grab the first person you see and force them to dance with you in the cool refreshing waters?

X Tech Things Every College Student should own

iPad – Why? Because you can do 94% of your school work on it…from writing papers, to doing your google searches, to reserving a library book (remember what a BOOK is?) to reading your actual eTextbook (at 1/3 of the cost of the physical text book!), email, eLearn, listen to pod-casts and so much more!!!!!!!

actual decent quality digital camera -Why? Sure your iPhone or android takes pictures in 8 MP but have you ever tried to crop  your ex-lover out of a photo and print what is left? EPIC FAIL!!! Yeah…and really, you won’t believe me now but you will in 30 years, you will want your college years preserved in 16 MP or greater. So throw down $200 at your local Target for a Canon PowerShot or similar…smaller than an iPhone and worth the pocket space.

LiveScribe SmartPen- 1200 reasons… just watch the video here

Some sort of webcam/facetime/skype whatever-why? Because at some point you are going to miss your mother or your sister or your best friend…